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    One session                                         $50

  (15 mn on the water)

Freeride, Wake, Beginners 

8 PASSES (Slalom course only)

 6 PASSES  (Slalom course only)

1 session package*

10 sessions package*

$ 52

$ 480


 *Package can be shared. 

1 session

10 sessions package*

$ 60

$ 570

 30 mn Ride for 1 person                        $95


1 hour ride for up to                              $180  

2 people 1 board


1 hour ride for                                        $260  

2 people 2 boards

All sessions include grand training, safety overview,

CG approved, vest and helmet.

Waterski clinics


  • The Eden Ski Lake is open everyday (exept wednesday) . Sessions have to be scheduled online in advance.


  • Price includes the provision of the boat and the coach


  • Sessions have to be utilized within 12 months of purchase


  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance cannot be redeemed nor carried over


  • Skiers are required to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance, in order to be ready on the pontoon at the appointed time


  • With the exception of beginners, skiers are required to bring their own equipment (ski and vest)

        Free access to the following facilities :

  • Outside shower

  • Changing room

  • Toilets

  • Tables and chairs for relaxing

    5 sessions                                         $225

Safety : please observe the utmost care before, while and after skiing/riding. All skiers/riders must sign a waiver prior to getting into the water.


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