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The Everglades region is the largest subtropical wilderness in North America, a unique 6,000 year old ecosystem listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Now a National Park, it provides home to a rich and diverse fauna, including several protected and endangered species. Alligators and crocodiles coexist with the Florida panther, while pelicans share the sky with 300 other bird species. This haven of greenery is also home to a wide variety of rare plants.


By airboat or canoe, by bike or on foot, the Everglades are not to be missed!



Perfect for wakesurfing, the Fort Myers beaches are also ideal for many other activities, such as sailing, scuba-diving, jet skiing, fishing, or just lazing around! Untouched by the urban sprawl, they symbolize wild and authentic Florida. Due to their position in the Gulf of Mexico, they provide bathers with calm, warm water.


Off the coast, but easy to reach by a road bridge, are the islands of Sanibel and Captiva. With their colorful bungalows, shells and immaculate sandy beaches, they appear to be straight out of a post card.


At the end of the day, the restaurant terraces are the perfect place to gaze out over the sea and quietly watch the golden sun sink below the horizon. 



Famous for its lines of palm-trees, Fort Myers city has retained its historic character.

The Edison and Ford winter estates, with their lovely botanical gardens, have been maintained in their original condition and are open to visitors.


Downtown Fort Myers offers a number of malls where shoppers can find all their requirements at affordable prices.


Golf lovers can choose from almost a hundred greens on which to practice their swing. Through our partnership with the nearby Mirror Lake Golf Course, Eden Ski Lake members can benefit from remarkably privileged conditions.


Just south of Fort Myers lies the welcoming city of Naples, which deserves a visit. With 10 miles of glistening white sand, this pleasant seaside town makes a marvelous family trip.


The historical center features small, chic boutiques and a wide range of restaurants. Lovers of golf can choose from more than a hundred greens on which to practice their swing.


For children, the zoo is worth a day trip : Florida panthers and bears, African lions and zebras, Asian reptiles… You can even hand-feed the giraffes !

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