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Why should the adults would be the only one having fun ?


Watersking is an excellent way to teach kids rigor, dedication and bravery. It promotes their sense of balance, powers of concentration and self-esteem. But above all, waterskiing makes them happy !


At Eden ski lake we prioritize a educational approach based on games and micro-challenges, our instructor is able to get any kid up on the water and skiing.


Initiation starts with two skis and a boom attached to the side of the boat. On the first ride, a second instructor can ski alongside the children to help and to reassure them. The second step is to add a ski handle to the boom to create the feeling of hanging onto a rope. Progressively, the rope is lengthened off so that beginners can execute their first turns !

We also give them  the opportunity to try boardsports such as wakeboard and wakeskate.


Having fun ,yes, but safety first.


Safety is our priority : we want to make sure that kids can have fun in the safest environment possible. Wearing a life jacket is obligatory; children are not required to know how to swim, but it's better if they are comfortable in the water.



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We can not thank Arthur and Richard enough. In a couple of months, Connor has gone from a timid kid, barely able to get up on 2 skis to starting drillson the course. 
His experience at Eden has carried over into other aspects of his life. He has gained strength, discipline, and self confidence. 
Thank you, gentlemen!

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