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Waterski is probably the most exciting sport who combines rhythm, technique, precision and accuracy.

I have so far dedicated my career for the passion of this sport, sharing my time between driving, coaching and skiing. 
My goal now is to communicate to skiers, everything I know according to their needs and desires.


Eden Ski Lake is a place dedicated for waterskiing. We always do our best to ensure perfects conditions. 
Our sheltered lake and our two slalom courses have been designed to enjoy life on the water no matter the weather condition. 
The 2017 Nautique 200 will give you everything you need through the course to go always faster, always shorter.
I will be there with you to follow you every steps of the way rather you are looking to get started or you want to improve your skills 
at the fastest speed or the shortest line.
I will share with you my knowledge and passion of this sport to make you feel better and better during each session.


I enjoyed the up front approach to Arthur's coaching! Tell me what I'm doing wrong and show me what I need to do. He is informative, yet fun! The ski lake is great and the clubhouse is nice to chill in. Definitely coming back.


Arthur, the coach is extremely knowledgeable, a nice guy with a easy approach for helping you understand what you need for improving your bouy count.



Great lake and Arthur is a great guy! Very patient and knowledgeable. We had three skiers at different abilities levels and he improved all of our skills! We will be back!!!​​​



Check out all the reviews about our coach and our facilities HERE.



During summer time, set up a clinic with Arthur and bring his knowledge and coaching skills to your facility.

You can host for couple days or more, and use this special time to invite other skiers over to your lake.

No need to wait for winter time and frozen lake to be coached by Arthur, you can decide when and where with the comfort of your own site or club.


We believe clinics is a great option to keep improving your skills on the water, no matter if you went back home.

If you would like to learn more about our clinic option with Arthur, please contact us.


For those traveling and wishing to achieve further progress wherever they are, Arthur also offers telecoaching,


During these sessions, he casts a professional eye over your videos, and analyzes them in slow motion in order to give you his point of view on the details that matter.


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